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Our office lunch options are suitable for any type of business. We are always flexible and offer free delivery and cleaning, anywhere in Germany.

Delight your colleagues and employees with delicious food, boost productivity and enhance corporate culture on a budget! Whether individually packed or served as a buffet, vegan or with meat, our options are always varied and delicious!

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How does it work?

1. Contact us to and tell us more about your business needs

2. We will come up with an appropriate concept

3. Then we will deliver your office lunch in the desired format and time

4. You pay conveniently by collective invoice at the end of the billing period

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Our office lunch concept

Part of our mission is to drive customer loyalty through satisfaction instead of tedious contracts. That is why we deliver delicious and punctual lunch catering.

We will bring lunch to your office daily, weekly or ad hoc, always only when and how it suits you. And all this without membership fees or contractual obligations! What is more, we deliver to multiple office locations around Germany while you have only one point of contact.

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Why MYMY as your office lunch caterer?

  • More than 10,000 satisfied business customers
  • Delicious food
  • Affordable prices
  • Catering for any business event
  • No delivery and cleaning fees
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Our catering options for any type of business event

Planning a business meeting or in need of a catering concept for a trade show booth? We cater to any business event. Check out our regular options below.

A close up view of a lunch buffet served in chafin
Finger food platters

We offer everything bite-size from canapès with different toppings, vegetarian and meat skewers to mini burgers and cheese plates. Served cold and there is no need for extra space or cutlery.

Prices start at €13.90 p.P.

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An image of finger food being served at an informal team event in an office setting. The scene includes a variety of finger foods such as mini sandwi

A combination of cold starters, tasty main courses such as chicken in lime-mustard sauce or roasted beef in gravy, and mouthwatering desserts like Mousse au Chocolat or Mascarpone cream with raspberries. Our main dishes are delivered in heated containers and cutlery can be added to your order.

Prices start at €23.90 p.P.

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Conference room table food no people
Special Occasions

To suit every taste, season, and occasion we also designed special offerings:

  • BBQ menu - minimum order value of €349 required
  • Oktoberfest menu - minimum order value of €349 required
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Business caterer

Business catering everywhere in Germany

We work with more than 200 kitchens across Germany, so your food is always delivered fresh and on time. Our meals are always prepared by local caterers and we are able to accommodate dietary requests at short notice. For large corporate events, we can flexibly distribute capacity among several kitchens.

Book a catering service online or talk to one of our consultants! Order online
Large or small teams

We deliver office lunches for small and large teams

Whether you're a small business with at least 10 employees or a large corporation, we can create an office lunch plan tailored to your needs.

Our delivery and cleanup are free and there are no hidden charges. Orders can be changed up to 2 business days before scheduled delivery.

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Positive corporate culture

Benefits of offering office lunch to your employees

1. Employer branding: especially true for smaller companies. Office lunches tend to boost employee satisfaction and increases your attractiveness as an employer.

2. Corporate culture:
sharing meals together has been found to positively affect corporate culture. It promotes exchange between teams and strengthens the sense of togetherness.

3. Productivity:
healthy meals and regular breaks can significantly increase employee happiness and boost productivity.
Berlin skyline, Berliner Dom
Office Lunch Berlin
River view Dortmund
Office Lunch Dortmund
Stuttgart skyline
Office Lunch Stuttgart
Munich skyline
Office Lunch Munich
River view Frankfurt am Main
Office Lunch Frankfurt
Hamburg skyline shot from the river
Office Lunch Hamburg
City view Cologne
Office Lunch Cologne
Skyline Hannover
Office Lunch Hannover
River view of the city Dresden
Office Lunch Dresden
Düsseldorf skyline shot by the river
Office Lunch Düsseldorf
Munster river view
Office Lunch Münster
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Office Lunch Leipzig