BBQ catering

Order BBQ catering with MYMY for your next party and surprise everyone with delicious DIY grilled meal. Be it during a summer party or a winter gathering with your friends or colleagues, barbecuing is always an ideal option to bring people together.

We will deliver the meat ready to grill and supply all your favorite sides! It is easy-to-order, there are no hidden fees and we offer vegetarian and vegan options.

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Barbecue catering for BBQ fans

You wonder if a BBQ can also work as a professional catering at small and large events? Well, sure, because BBQ dishes offer something for every taste, are very popular and really fit every occasion. Planning a team event on the company terrace? That literally screams for a BBQ catering. You want to organize your company party with a manageable group on the terrace or need a private party service for your wedding? The BBQ catering is the possibility to spoil all your guests with good food.

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How the MYMY BBQ catering works

At MYMY you can order your BBQ catering in 3 easy steps:

1. Menu selection: Choose self-grilling or live grilling with a minimum order value starting at €349 with a choice of 12 dishes, or you can order suckling pig À La Carte individually.

2. Choice of dishes: Choose between different marinated meats such as pork, chicken and beef. You also have vegetarian and vegan options.

Order and enjoy: Complete the order and leave the rest to us.

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Barbecue catering near you for 10 people or more

MYMY is a one-stop shop for the perfect barbecue - anytime, anywhere. Discover our barbecue buffet with various starters, main courses and side dishes that we offer for your barbecue. We also supply all the necessary ingredients and accessories for a successful barbecue buffet, even if some dishes still need to be prepared on the grill. The best part? You can order and enjoy BBQ catering even for small groups. Contact us now to place your order and plan your perfect barbecue!

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Put together your dishes for a successful barbecue party

For a successful event, you can prepare different dishes on the grill and combine them with a wide selection of side dishes and desserts. You can put different types of meat such as beef, pork or chicken on the grill and use different sauces and spices to go with it. Vegetables like corn on the cob and peppers are also great to grill. Side dishes include salads, potatoes and bread. Finish off the barbecue with a delicious dessert like grilled fruit. There are no limits to creativity - plan the barbecue party now!

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Our selection for meat lovers

MYMY catering offers an impressive selection of meats for barbecue lovers. From tender beef tenderloins and juicy pork chops to flavorful chicken breasts and aromatic lamb chops, every meat fan will find the perfect item for their grill. The high-quality meat products come from carefully selected farms and are prepared to the highest standards. But that's not all: MYMY Catering also offers a variety of delicious side dishes and desserts for a well-balanced buffet. This makes every birthday and every celebration an unforgettable experience for all guests.

Vegan BBQ

Our selection for vegetarians and vegans

MYMY Catering is the perfect partner for vegetarians and vegans who want to enjoy a successful barbecue party. Grilled vegetables, vegan burger patties, tofu steaks and much more. The side dishes and desserts are also specially adapted to the needs of vegetarians and vegans and offer a varied selection of delicious salads, dips, fruits and vegan desserts. At MYMY Catering all guests, whether with or without meat, will find a wide selection of delicious dishes and come to their taste.

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MYMY as a partner for your barbecue party

MYMY catering is your BBQ catering partner:

1. Sustainability: all products come from carefully selected farms.

2. Variation: you can choose from a wide range of meat dishes and alternatives for vegetarians and vegans, as well as a large selection of side dishes and desserts for all tastes.

3. Flexible: We adapt the catering concept to your individual needs and wishes. We are represented throughout Germany and close to you.

4. Top advice: You need a little inspiration for your barbecue buffet or have questions? Our customer service will be happy to help you.

Talk to our consultants

In case you have questions or are in need of a BBQ concept for your next company event, fill in the form below and talk to our consultants

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For which occasions is a barbecue catering suitable?

A barbecue catering is perfect for a variety of events where you are planning an outdoor event. It is the perfect wedding catering or is suitable for company parties in the summer, team events or for school enrollment. You can cater to small or large groups with your barbecue menu in the best way possible, and really hit all tastes with the grilled food. The barbecue can be combined with finger food. Whether you stand at the grill yourself or one of our grill masters is on site, BBQ is suitable for special or everyday occasions.

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How to order your BBQ catering online

Would you like to feast deliciously with MYMY like 16K customers already? Then, thanks to our more than 200 local kitchens, you have the opportunity to order a BBQ catering near you with us. We deliver all the ingredients and necessary accessories for your event directly to you, without any detours. Be your own BBQ master and create your individual buffet with appetizers, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. Barbecues bring people together, create a communal atmosphere at the party and simply taste good.

How to order?
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