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Book catering online, for any event, anywhere in Germany!

MYMY catering offers regional catering for all private and business occasions anywhere in Germany. We cater to your needs and budget, through our diverse selection of exquisite dishes and transparent pricing including free consultations and delivery

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Why choose MYMY?

We offer diverse menus and transparent prices for any occasion, big or small, from birthdays to weddings, anywhere in Germany.

  • Arrange diverse menus for your next occasion
  • Order online in a few easy steps
  • Be on budget without sacrificing quality
  • Support your local caterers
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Ordering catering should not be difficult!

Thanks to our streamlined ordering process, organising an event is a piece of cake

  1. Choose your menu: select between a buffet, finger food platter, or a special menu.
  2. Decide whether you want us to calculate portion sizes (Basic, Classic, Premium) or you want to be in control (À La Carte).
  3. Add your preferred dishes, drinks and/or equipment and personnel.
  4. Fill in your delivery details. And done!

Once we receive your order we will send an order confirmation! Start by selecting your menu below.

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A combination of cold starters, tasty main courses such as chicken in lime-mustard sauce or roasted beef in gravy, and mouthwatering desserts like Mousse au Chocolat or Mascarpone cream with raspberries. Our main dishes are delivered in heated containers and cutlery can be added to your order.

Prices start at €23.90 p.P.

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Fingerfood skewers
Finger food platters

We offer everything bite-size from canapès with different toppings, vegetarian and meat skewers to mini burgers and cheese plates. Served cold and there is no need for extra space or cutlery.

Prices start at €13.90 p.P.

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Special Occasions

To suit every taste, season, and occasion we also designed special offerings:

  • BBQ menu - minimum order value of €349 required
  • Roasted Pig À La Carte -minimum order value of €399 required
  • Oktoberfest menu - minimum order value of €349 required
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We partner with over 200 local caterers

MYMY catering delivers nationwide, but the dishes are always prepared by local caterers.

  • Always fresh food
  • Short notice bookings possible
  • Minimal carbon footprint
  • Support the local catering community

We can flexibly allocate capacity across multiple kitchens when necessary for larger celebrations or business events.

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Hot or cold?

In order to cater to your special day, MYMY catering offers a variety of menu options.

  • Buffets: A combination of cold appetizers, hot main courses and mouth-watering desserts. Our main courses are delivered in heated containers and you can add cutlery to your order.
  • Fingerfood: Delicious bites, beautifully presented and sophisticated service. Served cold, don't take up a lot of space, and there is no need for plates or cutlery.
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Standardized or customized?

  • Standard menus (Basic, Classic, Premium): we require only the number of guests and the selection of dishes you wish to offer for standard menus (Basic, Classic, Premium). Based on the number of dishes and people, we calculate the appropriate portion sizes.
  • À La Carte menu: Alternatively, you can choose our À La Carte menu, which allows you to choose the portion size per dish and per person

Order online or request a free consultation!

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Place your order without risk!

We display prices transparently with no hidden fees added throughout the order process. Our prices start at €13,90 p.P.

Online bookings are usually confirmed by the local kitchen within 48 hours.

We offer free delivery, anywhere in Germany.

Speak to one of our consultants!

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