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Let's have a barbecue

Book our BBQ party package today and look forward to your next barbecue evening. Our special pre-tied package has something for everyone. So it will surely be a complete success!

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Summer, sun, sunshine and BBQ

There is that special smell in the air when we know that summer is finally here. Whether in the park, in the garden, with friends, with family or just for a short while - barbecuing is always possible and is simply part of it.

That's why we've come up with something very special with our BBQ festival package. So you can look forward to grilling and forget about the stress at the meat counter and preparing salads. Book our BBQ package for you and your guests today and have it conveniently delivered to your home.

Fingerfood with figs

You are already planning the next big event and need a buffet or finger food?

We have got you covered! Here, too, we have the right offer according to your wishes. Take a look at our pre-tied packages Basic, Classic or Premium. Alternatively, you can also put together your own favorite dishes à la carte with your own quantity variation. No matter how you decide - we will deliver your catering to your home whenever you need it.

We are also happy to help you with the drinks. Book today and simply choose the drinks in the last step of your selection.

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5 easy steps how to organize a great party

1. think about when and where you want to hold your event

2. choose your party guests and invite them

3. order your food and drinks at MYMY catering

4. enjoy your time with your friends Just eat, drink and be merry together!

5. organize your next event

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