Stay connected with Virtual Meet-Ups

Virtual meet-ups are gatherings that occur using a video conferencing service or app - such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, HouseParty or many others. Offline is going online.

Not just any gathering though. These are substitutes to what would normally occur in person. Have your next team lunch set virtually, stay connected with with your friends, your family and your colleagues. We cater to your needs with food and beverages.

Are you planning a virtual meet-up? At MYMY catering, we source, prepare and individually deliver bespoke orders for your virtual event.

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Take your Virtual Event to the next level!

It's time to get together for some beer and snacks with your colleagues online for TGIF.
Why not bring together your friends online and share a meal. Organising a longer meeting or workshop? Don't forget the catering!

Let us help you with that and order food and drinks for your next Virtual Meet-Up now - whether morning, noon or evening. Get in touch with us.

Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch

Enjoy your team event virtually

Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch

From €8.90 per person

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TGIF, Drinks & More

Celebrate a company event and have a virtual toast together

TGIF, Drinks & More

From €8.90 per person

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Have you become curious about the dishes we offer?

Have a look at our menu, with all the details of which dishes and which drinks we can offer you and your team.

You can't find your postcode in the given list? No problem, talk to us. Together we will surely find a solution and you can add culinary highlights to your Virtual Event.

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Why organise a Virtual Meet-Up?

Everything is changing. We're behind our laptops or on our phones. We're all at home. We're connected digitally, but disconnected in so many ways. So why not connect over a meal and drinks?

We're here to make sure not everything has to change - keep the food, share the experience.

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What kind of Virtual Meet-Ups are there?

Office parties, birthdays, meetings and conferences - all are restricted right now. We think that any gathering of people online is made better when adding some food, drinks and fund to the equation!

Five Virtual Party Tips

1. Select and invite your party guests
2. Familiarise yourself with the platform
3. Order your food and drinks from MYMY catering
4. Eat, drink, and be merry!
5. Organise your next event

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