Our Stay-Safe Menus

MYMY catering delivers fresh and tasty boxes directly to your home or to your office. Now available in many German cities. Order in larger quantities now, so you and your family are optimally taken care of in the next few days.

Copy the code MGCP-STAYHOME now and get a €5 discount on your order. How? Simply enter the coupon code during the order process.

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Our Stay-Safe Menus

Together with our friends from aveato Catering we provide you and your family with our delicious MYMY Stay-Safe Menus in the comfort of your own home. Whether healthy quinoa bowls, filled wraps, classic pasta, vegan dishes or with meat, there is something delicious for every foodie.

Choose your favourite(s) from our new MYMY menu. To thank you for your loyalty and for ordering with us, we will give you €5 discount. Just enter the coupon code MGCP-STAYHOME in your shopping cart.

Wraps, Bowls & more

Delicious dishes to stay home

Wraps, Bowls & more

From €8.90 per person

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Cooked Meals

Delicious meals, delivered hot or for self-heating

Cooked Meals

From €9.00 per person

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Grocery Boxes

Our grocery boxes in different varieties. Food boxes with everything you need

Grocery Boxes

From €39.90 per person

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Learn more about our menus

Check out our menu for Bowls, Wraps & more as well as our Cooked Meals. With all the details of the dishes and drinks we can offer you, your family or your team

You cannot find your postcode in the list? No problem, talk to us. Together we will surely find a solution and you can add culinary highlights to your Virtual Event.

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About MYMY catering

Even in times of COVID-19, ordering food should be a pleasure. Therefore we offer you our new variety of delicious and healthy MYMY menus.

You want to avoid shopping at the grocery store? You do not like to cook or you belong to the risk group? We have the solution!

We support you with our special offer: Choose your perfect fit of our MYMY menus and get it delivered to you. From a minimum order value of 50€ we deliver to your home or to your office. Order now in small or larger quantities. Keep your food in the fridge or freeze what you don’t eat immediately – this way you and your family will be perfectly looked after in the next few days.

Take a look at our new MYMY menus here.

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Your Business Offer

We support you not only while working at home, but also in your office. Despite minimum distance, self-isolation and strict hygiene regulations, you and your colleagues do not have to do without delicious food.

We continue to provide you with scrumptious food: Whether it's a healthy Quinoa Bowl, delicious potato salad, filled wraps, Pasta Bowl, Chia pudding or mousse au chocolat: our selection includes something tasty for everyone. Surprise your colleagues now with a delicious meal.

Book now or contact us and we will be happy to make you an individual offer according to your wishes.

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Fun Fact - Home Office with Four-Legged Friends

Due to the corona virus, all of us are working from home. And who is most happy about this? Right, our pets! There is hardly anything more heart-warming than stroking dog Bonnie under the desk during a video conference or to hear kitten Paula purring on the sunny windowsill whilst answering e-mails. In the beginning it was quite a challenge to work exclusively from home and to restructure our usual working day. In the company of our fluffy and beloved pets, however, this change is much easier!