Organise your entire meal schedule – with hot or cold meals from MYMY

We're delighted to offer the option of having a range of cooked meals delivered to your home over multiple days. Select from either warm meals that are ready to eat or cold that you can freeze and store for other days.

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Healthy but delicious food, always freshly prepared

Cooking for one isn't fun. Neither is cooking for a family of five everyday. MYMY Cooked Meals adds an option, without sacrificing health and nutrition - not cooking at all.

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Today the kitchen stays cold! Or rather the stove. Have your food delivered!
It doesn't matter whether you have it delivered hot - or cold, so that you can warm it yourself at a later date. In our weekly menus you can see exactly what dish we offer at what day of the week. Please note that the menu changes depending on the week. Even and odd calendar weeks have different offers, so that you always have plenty of variety in your kitchen.

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Why ordering cooked meals?

Cooking everyday can be time-consuming and takes a lot of planning. Ordering in from your typical takeaway is often not healthy nor nutricious, meanwhile eating out isn't an option. Our solution: MYMY cooked meals. We prepare all meals fresh for you. It's your choice: We deliver your menu either warm and ready to eat or cold to freeze. That way, there will be something delicious waiting for you later.

Enjoy culinary variety at home

Organise your entire meal schedule, or supplement your cooking. We offer both meat and vegetarian options, with diverse and rotating menus to create variety.

Our Meal Scheduling Tips

1. Balance cooking, delivery and MYMY prepared meals
2. Plan every two to four weeks to save on service fees
3. Add a buffer of a few meals, in case you get hungry
4. Experiment with different choices, even if not your diet