Fancy a new iPhone?

Order your catering today, take part in our lottery and win the new Apple iPhone SE 2020 and much more.

Together with our beverage partner Coca-Cola we are giving away great prizes in the pre-festive period. Book your catering for the period 1.10.2020 to 30.11.2020 and have it delivered by the end of the year. Your name will be added to our lottery pot and you have the chance to win great prizes.

Discover our large selection of catering for the holiday season. There is always a reason to celebrate!

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Christmas with MYMY and Coca-Cola

Order your next catering, including drinks at MYMY and enter our big raffle. Together with our beverage partner Coca-Cola Germany we raffle off high-quality prizes.

- Apple iPhone SE 2020, 64 GB, black
- Bose headphones Quiet comfort 35 II, black
- 100 Euro Amazon voucher

In addition, we will raffle 5 x MYMY vouchers worth 30€ among all participants to redeem when purchasing a catering as well as 100 x box of face masks (50 each).

How can you participate? It is very simple.

Order catering from MYMY in the period 1.10.2020 - 30.11.2020, including drinks, and have it delivered by 31.12.2020 at the latest. Your name will be added to our lottery pot and will be drawn by an independent fairy in January.

All offered drinks of the brand Coca-Cola qualify you for the lottery. These include Coca-Cola regular, Coca-Cola zero sugar, Coca-Coca light, Fanta, Sprite, mezzo mix, Honest Tea, ViO Schorle, ViO Wasser, ViO BiO LiMO. Excluded are coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks, juices of other brands.

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Whatever you have planned for your festive period this year -
we are at your side

We offer you exactly the right catering for every occasion and every occasion. You can put together your catering quickly and easily online. According to your wishes, we will deliver it together with our partner kitchens to your home, office or an event location of your choice.

Our prices remain stable and are not subject to change due to circumstances. Just enjoy your event with the best catering quality!

Buffet Selection
Buffet Selection

Click here and choose your Buffet menu.

From €19.90/person

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Finger Food Selection
Finger Food Selection

Click here and choose your Finger Food menu.

From €11.90/person

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Team Lunch
Team Lunch

Abundant selection of Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch dishes and bowls suited to daily meals or one-off events.

Festive À La Carte
Festive À La Carte

Pay-per-part - Choose from all festive dishes & variations have full control

Christmas with drinks

Drinks are a must for a good Christmas dinner. All kinds of soft drinks, teas, juices, non-alcoholic beer and much more are available for you to choose from during our booking process. Why don't you choose your favourite pieces for consumption right away and have the drinks conveniently delivered to your home. By the way, we also offer energy drinks or coffee to keep you awake at late hours. :)

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5 easy steps how to organize a great party

1. think about when and where you want to hold your event

2. choose your party guests and invite them

3. order your food and drinks at MYMY catering

4. enjoy your time with your friends Just eat, drink and be merry together!

5. organize your next event

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