Back-to-School: the big day

Catering for the big family day.
So that you can fully concentrate on the new pupil on the day of school enrolment.

Take a look at our fixed school enrolment package.

We will take care of the food for you

We all know it: the first day of school is not only very exciting for our little ones but also for the whole family around them, and especially for the parents. Therefore we support you as parents in organising and delivering the food. So you can easily take care of your child/children and don't have to stand in the kitchen and cook.

Have a look at our special packages for the school enrolment and order today.

Have you become curious about the dishes we offer?

As an alternative to our festive package for Back-to-School, we also offer booking à la carte. Have a look at our menu and pick your favourite items as you like.

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Planning a garden party?

We have got you covered! Here too, we have the perfect special package for you and your loved ones. Check out our BBQ package today with everything a barbecue master's heart desires.

This way you can look forward to a barbecue when the weather is nice and you don't have to wait in line at the supermarket.

We are also happy to help you with drinks. Book today and choose the drinks in the last step of your selection process.

5 easy steps how to organize a great party

1. think about when and where you want to hold your event

2. choose your party guests and invite them

3. order your food and drinks at MYMY catering

4. enjoy your time with your friends Just eat, drink and be merry together!

5. organize your next event

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